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Make The Commitment

This high powered DVD is for all students who are willing to make the commitment towards Excellence. In this motivational session, students will be challenged to lay aside mediocrity - whether its in their thinking, actions or the words in which they speak.

Students will also be motivated to be relentless in their pursuit of excellence. Despite their family background or past failures, students will understand clearly that if they desire to succeed, and are willing to work hard at achieving success, then nothing on earth will have the power to stop them.

Targeted grades: 8 - 12


Creating A Champion

"Creating a Champion" is a highly impactful keynote address that packs a powerful punch. Audience participants will understand that in order to reach their greatness, they must become relentless in their pursuit of excellence and be determined to do what champions do: WIN!

"Creating a Champion" is a must for students, parents, teachers and school districts who desire to motivate their parent and student populations. Parents are given proven strategies for motivating and encouraging their children to excel academically as well as socially.

Targeted Grades: 4 - 6


The Lion, The Jungle and You!

Throughout this motivational presentation, audience participants will venture into 'the jungle'. 'The Jungle' will be filled with obstacles and real-life challenges that students often encounter while in school. Participants will be involved in role-play, dramatic interpretations, and real life scenarios designed to challenge students' thinking... and inspire them to make right decision at the right time.

Targeted Grades: 7 - 12


"I want to commend Mr. Bryant for speaking at our Black History Program. Dwayne’s message was uplifting and personally challenging. It is exciting to note that he was warmly received by staff and clients alike. This feat is not easily accomplished."

-Bellefontaine Habilitation Center