Sauk School’s Dad’s Day


They call it “Dad’s Day,” but an annual program in Matteson School District 162 actually is designed to help students by inspiring fathers to become more engaged in their children’s lives.

At least 300 dads, grandfathers, stepfathers, brothers or uncles of students took part Friday at Sauk Elementary School in Richton Park, where the seventh annual Dad’s Day featured Dwayne Bryant, a motivational speaker and founder of a consulting firm that focuses on character education.

The men held an open discussion with Bryant about the struggles facing their children, and how they can improve the lives of their sons and daughters.

“Some of the dads need to learn from each other,” said Bryant, founder of Inner Vision International. “Some need to teach each other, but it’s really to make the community strong, which makes the school strong as well.”

Michael Rickette, 45, of Richton Park, who has a daughter in fifth grade at Sauk Elementary School, said he learned a lot.

“To see all these concerned fathers to come out here and speak to the kids was the best experience I’ve had in my whole life,” Rickette said.

Sam Golf, 36, of Matteson, who has a stepson in fifth grade, agreed that it was a positive experience.

“I think kids need to take time every day with the family and have prayer in the house,” Golf said. “I just want to say I’m proud of all the children. I think good fathers take time to listen to their children.”

Principal Michael Bauer said throughout the years, the community has started seeing education in a different way because of the gatherings.

“It’s about imparting that message (about parenting) upon them so that when they’re home and working with their children, they see a better way of doing things,” Bauer said. “It’s never short of a magical moment, that’s for sure.”

Article Courtesy of The Southtown Star

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